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Anyone can experience a headache. Headache is our most common form of pain and a major reason cited for days missed at work or school as well as visits to the doctor. Without proper treatment, headaches can be severe and interfere with daily activities.
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Our New Headache Treatment has shown in practice to alleviate pain from various types of severe headaches, in most patients, in a short period of time.

Headache Treatment Testimonials

Michael G. Close, M.D.
"The TX360 has brought an absolutely great procedure into my office. It is wonderful to enable almost instant headache relief (for both me and my patients). For those with the profound/severe pain of cluster headaches, the relief is immediate. For those who do not respond to other medications/treatments, or for those who cannot use medications during pregnancy, they find amazing relief in this great alternative. It is incredible to offer such great and immediate relief of severe head pain, a terrible place to have any pain. This device and procedure are amongst the most exciting treatments to enter my practice of medicine."
Michael G. Close, M.D.

Marisa Mills
"I am currently 34 years old. I have suffered from migraine headaches for more than 10 years. The headaches have become increasingly worse over the past two years. If I was/ am not able to control the migraine, I will lose my vision and vomit continuously. The migraines are completely debilitating at this point. I currently take a preventative medication twice daily along with a multitude of vitamins to try to keep the migraines under control.

December 2010 – I contacted Dr. Xia after the migraine simply would not subside. I had taken my prescription medication (Maxalt) as well as three Vicodin over a period of three days. Dr. Xia advised me to come to his office and he would administer his migraine treatment. When I arrived at his office I could barely speak and was very sensitive to light and noise. I had been vomiting for most of the day and the migraine was pounding on the left side of my head. I walked very slowly with very little movement of my head. At the time I entered Dr. Xia's office I would put my pain at a level 8.

The actual treatment took less than two minutes. I felt immediate relief. After the first treatment had been administered into my left nostril I could feel the difference. I could open my eyes and talk. I lifted up my head and was moving my head. Within five minutes of treatment, I had no pain. I was there for less than 30 minutes and by the time I left Dr. Xia's office I was no longer in any pain nor was a nauseous.

I was/am completely satisfied with the migraine treatment. After this particular episode, I did not have another uncontrollable migraine for several months. Before receiving Dr. Xia's treatment I was having migraines two to three times per week for several months. I would and have recommended Dr. Xia's treatment to many people I know who also suffer from migraine headaches.

I have since returned one additional time to receive the migraine treatment this past July. I was again suffering from a torturous migraine and was completely relieved within minutes.

Dr. Xia's migraine treatment is the only treatment that has eliminated my migraine immediately and without the use of narcotics. The treatment is painless and I will continue to use it for migraine relief."

Marisa Mills
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River Forest Il 60305

Clinical Procedure

Dr. Xia developed a special proprietary applicator, Tx360®, which simplifies the administration of therapeutic drugs to the SPG foramen and makes the short procedure more comfortable. Tx360® device was reviewed and cleared for market by FDA. The device provides medical professionals with a minimally invasive, convenient and safe way to deliver small amounts of selected fluid (≤1cc) to any region of the nasal pathway. The treatment method is fully covered by PPO and Medicare insurance.

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